Divorce or Separation
The stress of selling a home is compounded when a divorce is imminent. If couples can cooperate, they are best able to share the largest amount of money.

Facilitation is the experienced Realtors role in the divorce process. Selling the home is one thing but more than that, garnering cooperation between the divorcing couple and their lawyers will reduce stress and generate the most money on closing.

The Realtor must be non-partisan. His efforts must be neutral, independent and free of prejudice. Both parties and their lawyers have to trust the Realtors loyalties as being free of compromise. A lot of today’s divorces or separations are a result of the “collaboration” process. The Realtor will recommend the sale price so that neither side feels that the other is trying to get away with something.

Preparing the House for Sale
Expert analysis of the homes condition and making cost-effective repairs will allow the home to be shown in its best light and therefore generate the most cash. The recommendations may be painting, landscaping, de-cluttering or cleaning. This is the most important area for divorcing couples to agree on.

Don Young
I have forty years (40) of realty experience and knowledge of the North Bay market. I am a perfect “middle man” working with the couple and their respective lawyers. I will not take sides. I will be emotionally understanding but non-conflicted.